Build Your Online Store Using WooCommerce


The trend in online shopping has catapulted from its beginnings to unprecedented heights. There are many industry leaders and eCommerce businesses like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Flipkart and many more, but their presence doesn’t allow you to be overwhelmed. By launching your online store with WooCommerce and WordPress you can create your own presence and E – Commerce.

In this eCommerce market there is still a lot to be learned and your business will become the next big name in this field. You can either have a huge online store with everything you need to sell in it or you can specialize in a limited number of products such as electronics, books or furniture making a good name for yourself in that field and then move on to bigger stakes. Is up to you to decide how to run your business. Hi there! Welcome to another tutorial brought to you by We’re just here to support you, and make your technical know-how simple on how to create your own online store using WooCommerce. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Selling products through an online store is the perfect way to introduce your items to a large number of people at once. There are so many benefits over physical stores to the eCommerce website. And that’s why a large number of traders are inclined to take their business to the next level by developing an eCommerce website. Nevertheless “Creating an Online Store Using” sounds like a lot of effort. Isn’t that it? But, in this post, you ‘re going to see how easy it is.

With these easy options, you can easily create, manage and maintain your own website. There is no need to hire IT engineers, and every now and then there is no need to request technical assistance for site maintenance. Just do it on your own.


You’ve decided to jump into the exciting eCommerce business, so here’s some basic facts just to put things in perspective for you.

  • Approximately 55% of all sales worldwide were made online through a website or mobile app in 2017.
  • 70% of these orders were produced using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • 90% of the shoppers online are influenced by social media posts and advertisements.


Next comes the challenge of choosing the right eCommerce platform for your website. While there are so many eCommerce platforms available to get going with your online sales website, I recommend using WordPress. Why? Why? Since WordPress is a free and open source CMS, and there’s no limit to what you can do about it. WordPress has made it easier for non – technical people to build their own dream websites. Plus, we’ve got a powerful WooCommerce plugin. It helps you turn your WordPress website into a fully functioning eCommerce website. And what else, huh? It’s free, too!


We’ll always choose the hosting based on the kind of website you want to create. Here, when we are kick-starting our new online shop, we’ll focus more on a secure and fast host. First, we’ll select a reliable and secure host. For choosing the hosting of your eCommerce website, following are the checks you should make:

  • Security, since eCommerce websites require a large number of transactions every day.
  • Accessibility and Uptime should be maximum for your online shop
  • Quick Page Loading – Who likes waiting while shopping? No one.
  • Regular backups of your site (that happens to be your lifesaver in times of crisis)


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