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When you search something in Google, a list of websites appears. How do Google determine which website to rank first, second or third? The answer is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO in simple terms is the process of improving your websites ranking in Google. The higher your ranking, the more clicks and exposure your website will get.

There are about 200 ways on how you can get a high SEO in Google and one of the top ways is through backlinks. Backlinks are simply your website link from other websites. When other websites feature your link in their websites, Google will see that and Google will see it as a “vote”. The more votes you get the higher SEO you will have. Think of it like in school, the backlinks are your performance in all your school activities and the teacher is Google. The better you perform, the higher the grade your teacher will give you.

 Backlinks are the eyes of Google in determining which websites serve more value. They evaluate this using special algorithms that track how many other websites see value on the content that you publish in your website through citing your link in their own websites. Here are three things that you need to understand when it comes to backlinks:

1.              The more backlinks you get, the higher the chances of high SEO – when a lot of websites backlinks to you, it signals Google that your content is valuable. They want to get into the action and they want to serve your content to Google users.

2.              Not all backlinks have the same bearing – Backlinks can be categorized as low-quality and high-quality. A single high-quality backlink is worth more than a thousand low-quality backlinks. High quality backlinks are those websites that are considered “domain authority”. These are the big websites such as Huffington Post, Home Depot, Facebook, YouTube and many more.  Each of these “domain authority” websites have their own scoring scale in Google. The score of the domain authority that backlinks to you will greatly influence your ranking.

3.              Do not buy backlinks = Google also evaluates the relevance between backlinked websites. For example, if your website is on IT solutions and you get backlinked by a Cosmetic website, Google can detect the disconnect of the two websites and Google scores this less or not entirely.  Thus, it is important to also be mindful to only be backlinked by websites that are related to your field. In simple terms, get backlinks from websites that are considered experts in your field. This makes buying backlinks from other websites out of the question. Aside from the fact that it is against Google policy, they have strong algorithms that check this and once Google detects this, it adversely affects your website.

 Building backlinks requires hard work. It is a long-term process and you need to be very strategic in order to effectively and efficiently build those backlinks. We know the struggle of not knowing where to begin, so if you’re a newbie in websites, let WebsitesAdvice Plus help you make that first step in gaining backlinks for your websites. Get more traffic, grow your brand and make it on top of Google! Get in touch with us now to uncover how to build backlinks without paying for them. 

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