Setup a Weebly Online Store



You can have your Weebly shop ready to take orders in as little as a day. It has a drag – and – drop interface, which means that you don’t need to learn HTML, JavaScript, or CSS to build your shop. You can also use Weebly software to extend your features. To start selling, fees start at $12 per month. Weebly is an all-in – one ecommerce platform where you can host an online store and even a blog. You can create your store, monitor and ship orders, and use Weebly’s social media integrations.

Hey there, we hope you’re going to do fine. WebsitesAdvice invites you to a further comprehensive review of everything relevant to blogs, domains and hosting. You know who’s on the show today. Weebly is an all-in – one ecommerce platform where you can host an online store and even a blog. You can create your shop, monitor and ship orders, and use Weebly’s social media integrations. Let’s get started!


To build your account, click “Sign up” in the top right corner of the Web page. You would complete the form with your name, e-mail address, password and country. From there, you’ll need to select an e-commerce store option instead of a standard website option. An eCommerce store will allow you to sell your goods and services directly from your website without having to create a separate store.



When you choose an e – commerce one, it’s time to choose the name of your store. There’s no character limit to naming your shop, but it shouldn’t be too long because you want people to remember it easily. While it’s important to choose a name that isn’t easily confused with the name of another store and is easy to spell, you can always change the name of the store later. If you can’t think of a store name right now, just use your name until you get a better option.


The next question asked in the setup process is whether or not you’re actually selling products and services, or whether you’re just messing around with the web. Your response will decide whether the platform will teach you how to import products and services from another provider or how to get started from scratch. For this guide, we ‘re assuming you ‘re just starting to sell online. Next, it’s going to ask when you’re planning to start selling.

There are a number of different products and services that you can sell in a Weebly shop. Physical products include equipment, clothing, jewelry and accessories. Services provide courses, conferences and professional services such as coaching and consulting. If you don’t know what you want to sell right now, you can choose “Other” and press “Continue.” You can change that later if you need to.

You don’t need a storefront to build a Weebly eCommerce store. However, you will need to provide the address at which you are conducting your business. The explanation for this is that taxes and shipping are correctly calculated on the basis of your position. You can change your address later, so if you don’t know which address you want to use, just use your personal address.


Once you have built your Weebly account in its entirety, you will see the dashboard of your website. You’ll see all your earnings data here after you start making profits, but for now, it’s going to show zeros. Just below that, you ‘re going to find your setup guides. Choose the first guide in this series, which covers the design of your website using a style. A layout literally changes the look and feel of your website.

There are six different web interface choices to choose from. While choosing a layout, realize that you’re going to change fonts, colors, and logos, so choose your layout based on the structure itself. That design works well when running a Weebly shop, and some even make it easy to view your Instagram feed. If you only display items in your feed, this might work against you. The best Instagram photos show the things you ‘re using.