How to Find the Most Suitable Brand Influencer and Webinar Speaker for your Business.

It is a fact universally acknowledged that social media is at its peak. Who would have thought that this technology originally designed to make communication much easier will greatly become an essential part of our lives today? It has rapidly intertwined with how we do business, banking, communication and education just to name a few. In business, most especially, social media is accelerating changes that every entrepreneur must hop on in order to seal their businesses success and sustainability.

Partnering with influencers of social media is a rising strategy amongst businesses today especially those who have tangible products while inviting guest speakers to speak on a company’s platform or online courses is another emerging trend.

Influencers have a huge following in social media and through them, you can grow your business organically online. Their following becomes your potential market and gives you a higher chance of winning over them.

Inviting webinar speakers puts credibility in your online platform. When people see expert speakers speaking on behalf of you, their trust in you grows. This is because in business today, consumers trust other people. We are in a time where people put more value on other peoples’ opinions, reviews or experiences on products or services of companies. Hence, finding the most suitable influencers and the most credible webinar speakers for your business or company has become crucial.

Here are four tips in finding the most suitable brand influencer and webinar speaker for your business or company:

 1.    Know your target market

Knowing your target market is key in determining the right influencer or speaker for your business. Profile who your audience are; what demographic information is relevant; what do they need, like or want and; how do they behave online or offline. Even which social media platforms they are frequent on. Gather all this information.

Profiling your target market will help you understand the value of your products or services to them. This value is the benefits your consumers gain from you. It can either be the solution to a problem, a promise of quality, or a sense of luxury. Customer value is best determined by understanding your target market on a deeper level. Understanding that value creates a sturdy link between you and your market.

With this information on hand, all you need to do is match your target market with the most suitable brand influencer or webinar speaker.

2.    Set a standard

A standard is a level or measure of quality that you would want an influencer or speaker to have. After profiling your target market, use the information you have gathered to set standards in choosing a brand influencer or webinar speaker. You must base it on them since your target market will best relate to people who are like them or who share the same interests or lifestyle.

The number one mistake of businesses and companies today is using popularity as the only standard in selecting an influencer and a webinar speaker. The danger of using popularity as the only standard is a mismatch between the influencer or speaker to that of your target market. Popularity does not necessarily guarantee a perfect match.

Create a checklist of these standards to really define the kind of influencer or webinar speaker that you are looking for. A sample of a simple standard is as follows:

Having standards makes it easier for you to find the best match and can guarantee a successful partnership. It is important to leverage on the right people since they will carry your business or companies’ brand when they become your influencer or speaker.

3.    Define your goals

Setting goals is a must step in anything you do. This goal is the basis of measuring if what you did is a success or not. In setting your goals make sure you keep your selected influencer or speaker in loop. Make them understand what you are trying to achieve. Explain to them why you think they are the best person to help you promote your business. In doing these, you are helping them understand why they should influence their audience to like your brand or why they should share their expertise with you.

These goals set a clear understanding between you and your selected influencer or speaker. Clarity creates unity. In order to make the most of this partnership, have a clear-defined goal and make sure both parties are fully aware of it.

4.    Create lasting relationships

What’s in it for them? These influencers and webinar speakers will invest time and effort in speaking on behalf of you. You must give something in return in order to make this partnership a win-win situation. Offer them discounts, promos, exclusive products, support their advocacies or any other benefits that you can provide. Convince them that your partnership is something worthwhile.

Having a good relationship with your influencer or speaker creates connections that may serve valuable to your business today or in the long run.

Influencers and credible webinar speakers are a budget friendly and fast way of promoting your business in general. When done right, it can create lasting success and can grow your business faster.

Choosing the right brand influencer or a webinar speaker whether it be an online course webinar or a one-time guest speaker types of webinar is no easy task. It must undergo an evaluation process to really find the best match for your business. Plus, these people will carry your brand so they must embody the values and goals that your business carries. You want to associate your brand with names that people trust. Trust is hard to build nowadays and tapping on influential people in social media or experts on specific fields are a great way to earn consumers trust. Through following these tips, you are one step ahead in making that partnership a reality and a success.

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