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#OPENWESTAND WITH SMALL BUSINESSES. During these tough times, they’ve doing everything to help you and business adapt.

Hello there! Before anything else, we would like to thank everyone for your continuous patronage to our set of comprehensive reviews. We are looking forward to providing you more in-depth reviews about various website hosting providers. Now, we’ll review a provider that is simply synonymous with hosting. We are talking about GoDaddy. It is quick to determine if your company is ready for a web presence; selecting the right web hosting service isn’t. GoDaddy is a well-known brand when it comes to buying domain names for websites, and it is also great for personal and commercial hosting. GoDaddy’s well-rounded packages are just shy of those offered by DreamHost, HostGator, Hostwinds and Liquid Web, so they don’t earn an endorsement from our Editors’ Choice. Besides, we saw a significant amount of downtime in our service checking.

Similar to Website Design, Development and Maintenance, a dependable website is a crucial part of any successful website. During the planning stage of a website, the choice of web host is probably one of the last things that you have in mind. However, failing to pick the correct host can cause a lot of problems to your website and, more importantly, to your business moving forward. Here at WebsitesAdvice, we will try our best to help you choose what hosting is the best for your needs. GoDaddy is a stacked web hosting service that boasts dependable uptime, top-notch customer service, and flexible website-building tools. Still, a few omissions prevent it from taking the Web hosting crown.


Founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons, GoDaddy has become the world’s largest ICANN-accredited domain registry organization and its management includes over 40 million domain names. The company also offers e-business software and services such as email, website creation, Internet marketing services, SSL, security services, and hosting and registration services. In 2011, GoDaddy was sold in a deal in which investment firms KKR, Silver Lake and Technology Fusion Companies owned the bulk of the company’s share. Bob Parsons had then stepped down as CEO. The company announced its plan to go public in June 2014 with an initial public offering of $100 million.


THEY HELP SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS SUCCEED – GoDaddy provides more than just a forum to build your website, they offer everything you need to establish a memorable, successful online presence. They’re offering hosting plans to keep it easy, safe and online. Their professional email helps you build a professional identity while their online marketing resources empower entrepreneurs with an SEO-friendly website to get online. GoDaddy is an all-in-one provider of solutions for bringing your ideas online, backed-up with professional, customized GoDaddy Guide help.

GODADDY IS A WORLD LEADER IN WEB HOSTING-  They have the expertise, technology and hosting experts with nearly 20 years in the industry to help web designers, developers, bloggers and online businesses build and sustain their online presence. Complete with cPanel, their secure web hosting platform offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and award-winning support, which has helped almost 19 million customers get online.

RELIABLE AFTER-SALES AND SERVICE – There are many different explanations for doing so. Their award-winning service is still high on GoDaddy’s list of why people transfer to their presence. Of course, their rates are another common explanation, including a free 1-year extension on several domain transfers. And if you already have one or more of their products, you can consolidate your web presence with one provider by transferring your domain, website or hosting so that it’s easier to manage.

OPTIMIZED WORDPRESS PLANS – GoDaddy provides WordPress hosting plans with secure and accessible, one-click downloads and the newest update, so you have the latest features available for your site. Your website’s content is managed from one place; you have a wealth of themes and add-ons that give you unlimited options to succeed.



The free Website Builder by GoDaddy is called GoCentral. It is a fully responsive design tool, which means you have a good-looking and functional mobile website next to the desktop website you are building. You can add a capable web store for $29.99/month.


One of the better aspects of GoDaddy is that it is gradually abandoning its old cPanel email hosting service for accounts bundled with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium, the Editors’ Choice for email hosting. GoDaddy tosses in hosted email accounts with each shared hosting plan, but not with its dedicated hosting plans. We found it a simple endeavor to set up our GoDaddy email as the web host prompted us to create one during the sign-up process. We selected the domain to which the email address would be associated, and then entered an email handle and a password. In general, Microsoft Office 365 is relatively straightforward to configure, but GoDaddy has taken the guesswork out.


GoDaddy has abandoned its old e-commerce software Quick Shopping Cart in favor of the free GoDaddy Online Store. The latest deal includes safe checkout, SEO software, store themes and infinite listings of items. The new tool is easy and makes it straightforward to set up a shop. You pick a theme, add items, pricing and photos and choose your preferred methods of payment and shipping. GoDaddy Online Store is an excellent choice if you intend to use your website to sell items.


GoDaddy offers Sucuri (starting at $6.99 a month), a service that includes web authentication, device testing, spam and malware detection services. Sucuri scans subpages of your website to find network vulnerabilities and remove malware, depending on the package you select. You can also buy Stable Sockets Layer certificates (starting at $69.99 per year). The program is represented in your web browser by a green padlock when you visit. If you want to sell goods through your website, find an SSL certificate as a necessary purchase, for it protects the exchange of data between a customer and your servers.


GoDaddy is supported 24/7 through telephone and online web chat. We made a call on a weekday afternoon and talked less than two minutes later to a customer service rep. We asked about the discrepancies between the Linux and Windows operating systems, and we once again received the best customer support from all of the web hosting services that we have tried. The rep was friendly and knowledgeable. We fired up GoDaddy’s customer service web chat a few hours later and asked an important question: How do we import our existing blog on A few seconds later, a GoDaddy rep in the chat appeared and pasted a link addressing our query. GoDaddy is very impressive in its timely and supportive customer support.


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on web hosting, then the way to go is shared hosting. This type of cheap web hosting puts your website and other websites on a server. Your site is sharing server space with other sites, thus the name of the tier. However, it is far from the most powerful type of web hosting. The server-sharing sites compete for space. When you expect significant traffic or want to protect yourself from major traffic spikes, you’ll want dedicated or virtual private server (VPS) hosting for muscle.

GoDaddy charges a monthly fee for its shared web servers based on Linux or Windows, but it lowers the price if you commit to a multi-month or annual package. However, GoDaddy requires you to sign up for its Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate, or Maximum hosting plans (starting at $5.49, $7.99, $12.99 and $19.99 respectively) for the month-to-month hosting option (the basic Economy plan requires you to sign up for at least three months). While this may not have a significant impact on business, a cash-strapped blogger may not appreciate GoDaddy’s lack of a one-month option in its Economy pack.

GoDaddy ‘s simple shared hosting package ($5.49/month, with a minimum sign-up period of three months) includes a free domain name, 100 GB of storage, the ability to host one website, unlimited monthly data transfers and free Microsoft 365 Business email (for 12 months). The Deluxe plan (starting at $7.99/month), which adds unlimited storage and unlimited domains, builds on the Economy bundle. The Ultimate package (starting at $12.99/month) adds a premium DNS management tool and a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for one year. The top-level Premium package (starting at $19.99/month) provides double memory load speed and free SSL as long as you subscribe.


GoDaddy’s VPS Entry VPS Plan (starting at $4.99 a month) offers Linux only. Hence, no control panel. The specifications are 1 GB RAM, 20 GB storage, and one CPU core.

GoDaddy’s VPS services are an intelligent choice for people who want a more efficient web hosting solution than shared web hosting but don’t want to pay the comparatively high cost of dedicated web hosting.


Dedicated hosting is the tier you need when running a site that requires a lot of system resources. Your platform resides on a server with dedicated storage all by itself, thereby exploiting all resources of the web. It is the equipment to drive a site built to accommodate millions of visitors annually. Dedicated servers by GoDaddy come in several configurations for Linux and Windows. The four plans start at $94.99/month (4 GB of memory, 1 TB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers), and top off at $184.9/ month (32 GB of RAM, 2 TB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers). GoDaddy’s dedicated plans provide three unique IP addresses and a free Stable Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for one year.

GoDaddy’s dedicated servers are extremely attractive, plus you can select either the operating system for Linux or Windows.


GoDaddy offers its version of WordPress hosting the four-thirds white-glove treatment of Linux-based, controlled WordPress Hosting. GoDaddy has thousands of WordPress themes and plug-ins and provides regular backups and automatic security updates to WordPress. Like other controlled WordPress hosts, GoDaddy doesn’t need you to install the CMS since it comes preinstalled. Once you have logged in to WordPress, you can build blogs, forums, and galleries for any other WordPress site hosted by yourself.

The $6.99/month Basic Package comes with one domain, 30 GB of SSD storage, and 25,000 visitors per month. Deluxe ($9.99 / month) increases capacity and monthly visitors to 75GB and 100,000, respectively. It also provides site staging and a plug-in to SEO. The $12.99/month Unlimited package expands to Deluxe by offering unlimited storage, 400,000 monthly visitors, malware monitoring and elimination, and hosting two sites. Ecommerce ($15.99 a month) provides unlimited storage and unlimited monthly visitors.


Check out GoDaddy’s reseller hosting packages if you’re looking to get into the web hosting business, but you don’t want to deal with infrastructure matters. The entry and the top plans of the company — the Enhance that costs $39.99/month (2 CPUs, 4GB RAM and 90 GB Storage) and the Established $89.99/month (4CPUs, 16GB RAM and 240GB Storage) — offer sales and commission reports, and process credit card.

Are you impressed with GoDaddy’s Hosting Plans? Click the link below to know more!


Given its pedigree, experience in the industry and hosting offerings, it is hard not to recommend GoDaddy.

GoDaddy has many business- and consumer-friendly options, a far more reliable hosted email service based on Microsoft, and also provides quality 24/7 customer service. On the other hand, with its cheapest plan, you are getting skimpy email storage, and there are no month-to-month plans at all. Even if you’re trying to set up a website fast, GoDaddy has the resources you’ll need for a smooth launch — provided its uptime is getting better.

As always, please leave a comment below if you have any experience with GoDaddy. Whether good or bad, let’s discuss it!

Thank you so much and stay safe!

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